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An update from Nepal

An Update from Nepal


Nepalese Orphans
Nepalese Orphans

Our continuing appeal has seen a total of $7000 raised so far, half from our own donations and profits and half from generous donations from our clients. The photos located at the bottom of this post were taken at an orphanage which is run by a non government organization; mainly made up of a group of self motivated young people. Our friend Prasad from Giftsland papers has just sent us this update from Nepal.

“We are helping our workers and their families rebuild their lives with assistance with the basic… food and shelter. A few of our workers have a house which cannot be lived in. They live with their relatives and are trying to earn and save money to rebuild. We are supporting them with soft loans and initial food supplies to last them for a few months. Other staff have cracks at their house but the house can be liveable after fixing the cracks. So for them we have given some funds to rebuild or fix the cracks at their house.

At the moment we are in the phase of building temporary shelters. A lot of people are busy fixing or demolishing their house because it is not liveable. People are using tin roofs to take shelter from the monsoon season which is upon us now. The monsoon season will last till two or three months, but two years ago it lasted for 4 months so let’s see. Finally, we have also donated large amounts of rice for food for the Buddhist monks.”

Your fund has been so helpful.  We have given 5 sewing machines to 5 of our new staff whose house is badly damaged and who have been living with their relatives. Now they can earn extra income stitching our paper garlands. From your fund we paid for half the machines, we gave them a quarter and from their own pocket they saved the rest.  Your latest donation will be another valuable contribution the years of hard rebuilding work which lie ahead for Nepal”

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We are very happy to take and distribute additional donations as the rainy season sets in and life becomes challenging for those without housing and many hundreds of others.


Donations to the Vevoke Earthquake Appeal can be made to the following account:

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062000

Account Number: 1612 7811

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