A grass roots appeal from Nepal’s heart to yours

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Five years ago we began wholesaling a range of unique hand made papers from a small family business based in Kathmandu called Giftsland, which is run by the Dhakhwa family. The Dhakwa’s employ a number of staff at their factory in the city and a wider network of family co-operatives who live and work the fields in outlying villages.  These family co-operatives grow and harvest the Lokta plant from which the Giftsland papers originate. Once harvested they transport it to the city, where the factory workers, mostly local women, pulp it, dye it, dry it and pack it before these beautiful eco-friendly works of art are shipped around the world.

Production of wrapping papers stopped last weekend and has not re-commenced. The Dhakwa family moved into the factory immediately after the quake when a series of large cracks appeared in the walls of their home. Then they joined the rest of the able bodied in Nepal trying to find and rescue survivors. This has evolved into a personal mission to help as much people as possible, on a grass roots level. Below are some shots which they have personally taken in the last few days. These photos show ruined homes, temples and city squares in Patan, Nagbahal, Bhaktapur and Bungamati, the villages and cities where the Dhakwa family and most of their staff grew up.  There are also some photos taken at Dhulikhel Hospital, where some of the Giftsland staff are providing hands on volunteer service. As you can appreciate, this is an intensely emotional journey.

The situation in this beautiful country is dire. And to add to the need to act urgently to restore some sort of normality to the millions effected, the monsoon season approaches.

As wider members of the human family and as close friends of the wonderful people at Giftsland, we feel it is our duty to reach out. Namrata and Prasen Dhakwa have dropped everything and are working with their staff to provide hands on help to as many as possible. They are using whatever money they can access to buy food, mattresses, tents and medicine. They are finding need everywhere they look, especially in small outlying villages which the big aid agencies aren’t reaching.

We want to help and we feel sure that you do too. If you haven’t given to a Nepal appeal yet, maybe you would like to join us in giving money direct to the point of need. We have opened a dedicated account with a $1,000 donation from Vevoke, which will be used to channel funds to the Dhakwa’s in Kathmandu. We will regularly report back to you on where the money is going, but one thing we know after working with this family for the last five years every cent will be spent carefully and wisely.  We trust them completely and they are carrying heavily the huge responsibility to invest the money where is it most needed.

We will also be donating all proceeds from the sale of Giftsland papers to the appeal for the full month of May.  

We urge you to consider sharing the journey with us of bringing healing to Nepal. Perhaps you would like to donate your own profits from Giftsland paper sales. You might like to stock up on Giftsland papers, knowing that all our earnings from your purchases will be directed to Nepal. You may wish to create a donation box for your customers. Or you may choose to make a one off personal donation. Please note that this is not a tax deductible fund but nor are there layers of administrative expenses diluting your gift before it reaches the point of need. Your gifts will be in the hands of the Nepalese within 24hrs of being cleared.

The account details are as follows
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name: Vevoke Earthquake Appeal
BSB: 062000
Account Number: 1612 7811

You may also call us at anytime to donate using your credit card, or with any further questions, on +61 (0)2 9882 2278. After hours this number will divert to Chris’s mobile and he’ll be more than happy to discuss anything about the appeal with you or to take your payment details.

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