An update from Prasen Dhakhwa (Giftsland)

nepal 3

“For the past 5 days we’ve been very busy providing relief materials for my community and the area near by Lalitpur where we live. We also have been providing funds to a lot of groups of people here who along with other volunteers go to remote area of Nepal like Sindhulipalchowk and Gorkha the epicentre, to provide with temporary relief materials like dry foods, foods, tents, mattress, water purifier, medicine etc. From yesterday we started visiting our suppliers and workers who work for us. All of our staff in the packing and checking dept. are safe. Amongst them 3 of our staff have the houses in rubble and 2 of the staff have a lot of damage in there houses but can be lived in after renovation. Today we are going to visit silk screen print staff. They have a team of 10 people and the leader told me that 2 of the people have their house totally damaged and authorities have marked there houses as RED which means it cannot be use for living.

I’ll send you some pictures and more information soon. We are so grateful for help from Vevoke and your clients and friends”

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