1Canoe2 is an illustration company that cultivates community through cheerful, heartfelt paper goods and gifts. Each piece of artwork is hand painted in the cheerful 1canoe2 studio and stems from a deep appreciation of life’s natural beauty and the pursuit of curiosity. 1Canoe2 is located in the charming, small, mid-western town Fulton, Missouri


One of England’s most prestigious greeting card brands, with a huge range of contemporary and traditional artists and styles from around the world. Almanac’s evocative collection covers a rich and diverse subject list including florals, cute and quirky animals, old English tapestries, sporting themes, special occasions and many more.


Since 1916, Apica has been producing notebooks for the true stationery afficionado, featuring smooth, off white, acid-free paper, traditional cloth binding and flexible covers. From their legendary CD series with its vast range of colours and sizes, to the exquisite Apica Premium, chosen by the New York Times as the world’s best softcover notebook.


William Allardice produces beautifully hand crafted letterpress cards for all occasions, which he prints, one by one, on an old Heidelberg letterpress machine.


Sourcing original art from the creative enclave of the Isle of Wight and working with a variety of exceptional illustrators and artists, Artbeat produces a rich library of tasteful greeting cards spanning numerous subjects and themes.

Badger and Burke

Badger & Burke is the weird, colourful love child of Vancouver-based illustrators and long time friends Holton Brock and Jamie Armstrong. The boys have created an eclectic paper goods company inspired by mid-century illustration, puppies, paper-cutouts, and tropical fruit, carried by their unique collaborative style and lame sense of humour.

Bodleian Library

“The Bod” belongs to one of the most prestigious and ancient literary institutions in the world, the University of Oxford. More recently, it was used as the library of Hogwart’s, an educational institution of an entirely different kind. This is one of our most popular and timeless card ranges, featuring die-cut retro book covers.

Canns Down Press

This unique company hold exclusive licensing agreements with some of the world’s most eclectic and diverse art museums. We carefully select their finest designs from a collection of over 120 artists, ranging from students to legends, representing virtually every genre and style.

Cath Kidston

From a tiny shop in Notting Hill in 1993 to a global brand spanning 40 countries, Cath Kidston has become a legend of vintage design. Her intricate, heartwarming creativity appears on hundreds of products around the world. Our beautiful collection includes cards, notebooks, pens, sticky notes and our best selling diary collection.

Curly Girl Design

Leigh Standley’s whimsical, witty work has been in the making since the seventh grade, where she got poor marks in maths class for doodling. She attended the University of Kansas School of Design and holds a BFA in Visual Communications. Her work is inspired by her incredible friends and family. Leigh lives in Boston, has strong feelings about education and believes in magic.

Dear Prudence

Founded in 2010 by Scottish designer Laura Park and now based in York, this is one sweet, sweet brand of cards and paper goods. Laura has an uncanny ability to make animals seem very human, with whimsical illustrations and cute captions. Check out her latest designs and you’ll fall in love with them.


E. Frances Paper

When you love the things your sister paints soooo much that you stare at them, laugh out loud or tear up with nostalgia, it makes you want to share them with other people. So started E. Frances Paper in 2013 (named after both beloved Grandmothers). Based in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island, their dream is to spread positive energy through Ali’s unique, inspiring watercolour paintings.

Emily McDowell and Friends

Irreverent, funny and refreshingly honest, Emily McDowell is in a class all of her own. Her goal is to identify universal, emotional truths and observations on being human, and turn them into products that speak to people. Having become an overnight success thanks to a single card that went viral in 2013, Emily is now one of the most loved new artists in the US.



Artist, inventor and mad genius Ge Feng is the whirlwind force behind our most intricately detailed card range. Using leading edge laser technology, Ge fashions unique cards featuring wafer thin paper strands, three dimensional “create your own” shapes and elegant pop-ups.

Gifted Hands


From the Himalayan mountains, this unique wrapping paper range is hand made, from the ground up. Workers from small village communities harvest the bark of the lokta plant, which only grows above 1500 metres, then make the paper pulp and dye the dried paper one colour at a time. 100% eco-friendly and with a texture and visual beauty unlike any other paper.

Girl Of All Work

Brilliant young Californian designer Dyna Kau is the creative force behind this charming, ever changing range of colourful, whimsical, beautifully designed and practical stationery and lifestyle products. Dyna’s style is unique, fresh and fashionable and her products appear in some of America’s most desirable stationery and lifestyle stores.

Hutch Cassidy

Simon and Nicola Hutchinson work together in their Yorkshire studio to create happy and stylish greeting cards that combine their love of the Bohemian world with the bold use of colour. From tigers on magical carpets to tropical toucans, their aim is to create magical and unique illustrations to be shared with those closest to us.

JooJoo Paper

Born and raised in Iran to a family of artists, Afi Tajvidi was destined to design. After emigrating to Canada in 2006 and working as a web designer, back pain issues forced her to quit her job and she started painting part time. She sold so much work on etsy that she was able to create her own stationery company, featuring her beautiful, hand painted expressions of the joy of life.

Museum Collections

The museums and galleries of the world offer endless creative riches.  From renowned museums such as the V & A to private collections – and from renowned artists such as William Morris to the less commercial but no less gifted, this range brings you the joy of visual creativity.

Natural History Museum

Premium illustrative flora and fauna cards from the collection of the Natural History Museum, London.

New Yorker

The cartoons and covers of The New Yorker magazine have entertained readers for nearly a century. With unmatched visual sophistication and wit, they let no subject escape their scrutiny. A roster of extraordinary artists continues to create indelible images which are infinitely varied in style and tone, whether whimsical, provocative, serene or laugh out loud funny.


Nia Gould is a cat loving, degree qualified graphic designer from Devon in England. She has created a veritable menagerie of cats and dogs, integrated into famous artworks by artists such as Frida Kahlo, van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Matisse. Her work has been featured in numerous international gallery exhibitions and is sold in design boutiques and gallery shops around the world.

Ohh Deer

Born in 2013, this brand of cards, stationery and accessories has taken the world by storm with a bold collection of charming, stylish, sassy humour and impactful design.

Pepin Press

For over 25 years, Pepin van Roojen has been collecting and publishing some of the finest imagery books in the world, across subjects as diverse as fashion, jewellery, patterns & ornaments. In 2012, the Pepin Press launched a range of premium quality wrapping paper books, featuring some of his finest images. Following the global success of these products, Pepin Press is continuing to evolve into a truly eclectic portfolio of crafted paper products.

Quite Good Cards

The Ward Brothers of London take the celebrity puns art form to a new level, with brilliant name playing and ingenious caricatures. They started by selling cards at the Broadway market and honed their skills from the constant customer feedback and are now busily expanding into books.

Red Cap

From their home base in California, Carrie Gifford & Hal Mertz are shaping an ever changing portfolio of fresh young global artists into a card range like no other. Stylish illustrations and clever captions, printed on high quality, eco-friendly paper.


After being stung by a bee and very nearly dying from anaphylactic shock, Connecticut based artist Pamela Zagarenski was struck by the realization that life can be taken from us in a split second of time. That BEE was her gift. She left her job and followed her heart and hasn’t looked back. Her magical drawings and beautiful thoughts and quotes are therapy and inspiration for the child in all of us.

Special Delivery

A fresh concept in greeting cards comprising a family of bright, colourful creatures which each unfold to form a 3D card which sits on a mantel piece or table. Each animal delivers in it’s mouth a small, gilt edged, textured greeting card enclosed in a pearlescent envelope. One of Australia’s best selling boutique card brands.

The Good Twin

The Good Twin is Katie Wilson – and yes, she is a twin, with a big brother who is 13 minutes older. Katie founded The Good Twin in 2014 and loves expressing her infectious sense of humour, fun and joy through her hand drawn illustrations and typography. Her vibrant colour palette reflects the sunny climate of Southern California, where she lives.


Twigseeds is the best-selling greeting card brand of illustrator and author, Kate Knapp. First hatched in Australia in the mid 90s, Twigseeds is famous for its colourful characters and heart felt messages. Now available in exquisite fine bone china cups, large certified organic cotton totes and wrapping paper.

UWP Luxe

Up With Paper has been engineering the world’s best pop-up cards for over three decades and their boutique Luxe range continues their evolution in creativety. Every card is a three dimensional work of art and a joy to open, revealing a myriad of subjects. UWP Luxe products are more than a card and more than a gift, they’re both.