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Anyone who has ever had a couple of rolls of masté in their hands and a wall, package, scrapbook, calendar or virtually any other firm surface, has typically found themselves with a new addiction after about 10 minutes playtime. What the heck is masté, you may be asking? It’s washi tape, of course! What the heck is washi tape, you may be asking? Why, it’s decorative adhesive rice paper that can be used and re-used and re-used to create visual goodness wherever it goes. As you can see here on your screen.

The Japanese invented washi and only the Japanese can be trusted to make it with the finest paper and the longest lasting adhesives. masté is the latest Japanese brand and being the latest, they’ve one-upped everyone else with the most gorgeous colours and designs you can find. And they’ve delivered the most compact form of washi tape, a tiny 35mm wide roll that’s a whopping 7m long. Right now we have over 100 designs including neons, metallics, a myriad of illustrations and great value multi-roll packs. But the trail of new designs goes on and on as masté trawl the world of visual designers to capture the funkiest array of illustrations, photographs and designs you can imagine. Check out the Terence Conran range and the hottest Japanese artist on planet earth, Kusama Yoyoi. So much fun in such a small package. And like most brands from Vevoke, for our beloved retailers, the very best thing about masté is it’s amazingly brilliant point of sale units, which treat masté like candy with acrylic cylindrical dispensers. Making it very, very easy to merchandise, sell and then re-order. We’ve also produced cool little leaflets which help your customers with lots of masté ideas.

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